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How to Import Data from TataCliq to Tally?

TataCliq to Tally

Are you looking to import your TataCliq Sales data to Tally?

Sellers selling on TataCliq marketplace and having many orders to record in Tally for accounting, they can use our utility to import TataCliq data to Tally.

For importing TataCliq data to Tally, you can use our excel templates eCommerce Sales for importing your order-wise sales data, eCommerce Return for importing order-wise returns and eCommerce Settlement for importing TCS.

Follow the steps given below to import TataCliq data to Tally;

  1. Log in on TataCliq Seller Portal with your registered ID and password
  2. Download sales reports from the TataCliq portal for any period.
  3. To download the sales report, go to Orders > Shipped > Click on Download invoice details excel > Date Range.
  4. Now log in on our web application or else you can sign up for a free trial.
  5. Download sample template from the eCommerce Sales Template section.
  6. Copy and paste data from TataCliq excel file to our eCommerce template. it’s very simple and may take about 10 minutes
  7. Once your data in our template is ready, upload and convert it to Tally XML
  8. Once XML is downloaded, open Tally > click on import > transactions to import all your data
  9. In case data is not imported as per your excel file then do check Tally.imp file for possible reasons and resolve them to import complete data


For any assistance on importing TataCliq data to Tally, you may reach us on +91 7710010373 / 74 or schedule a 30 min demo here

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