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Introduction of IRN Columns in Amazon MTR


With effect from 1st January 2021 and with the applicability of e-Invoicing system, Amazon has introduced 4 new columns in Amazon MTR file as below.

  1. IRN Number

  2. IRN Filing Status

  3. IRN Date

  4. IRN Error Code

Let’s discuss more in detail about IRN in this article:


What is IRN?

IRN called “Invoice Reference Number” it is a unique invoice number created by the Invoice Register Portal (IRP) on uploading the invoices electronically.

Under the e-invoicing system in GST, documents like invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note or any such document as needed by the law should be electronically uploaded to IRP system. Every time a different document is uploaded in the prescribed format, a different reference number know as ‘Invoice Reference Number (IRN)’ is generated by the system.


Guidelines & Formats of IRN

The IRN considers the GSTIN no. of a generator of the document (invoice or credit note etc.), document numbers like invoice number and the financial year.

  • Supplier GSTIN

  • Supplier’s Invoice Number

  • Financial Year (DD-MM-YYYY)


How to Setup IRN for e-invoice?

The responsibility of developing e-invoice with IRN is with the creator of the document. To simplify, the responsibility of uploading tax invoice is with the supplier of products or services. The IRP system, a portal designed to authenticate invoices, will accept invoices only in JSON format in a very specified structure/schema.

To generate e-invoice IRN, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Generate the e-invoice data in JSON format using their accounting software and upload it to the IRP system. You can also generate e-invoice JSON by using any of the software utility which generates invoice including those using excel or GSTN provided any offline utility.
  • The IRP system will confirm your invoice data and generates the IRN for the document which you have uploaded on that particular website.
  • Once the e-invoice data confirmed successfully, the digitally signed JSON with IRN will be sent to the supplier.

If you’re using a business management software that’s integrated with the IRP portal (via GSP to IRP), generation of IRN and QR code, and printing these details on the invoice becomes simple and seamless. It is that simple that you just need to record and print the invoice in the flow and you’ll have IRN and QR code printed automatically.

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