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How to import Amazon Settlement & Commission data to Tally?

Use to import Amazon Settlement and Commission data to Tally.ERP9 accurately. Settlement & commission data will be knocked off against each sales invoices using Amazon order ID, so you will be able to get the list of cleared and pending orders payments within Tally under Amazon ledger summary. To import Amazon MTR data to Tally follow the below steps;


  1. Login to your seller central account
  2. Go to Reports > Payment
  3. Click on Electronic Transactions or COD Transactions at a time > Date Range Report > Transaction > Give Period
  4. Settlement data is broadly divided in to 3 parts
    • Sales
    • Commission deducted & TCS
    • Amount Settled
  5. Copy data of Commission columns and paste it in to commission template
  6. Copy data of Settlement columns and paste it in to settlement template
  7. Now login to your account or you can sign up for free trial
  8. Upload Amazon Commission & Settlement files respectively to convert it in to Tally XML, it hardly takes minutes to process all your data
  9. Once XML is downloaded, Open your Tally company and go to Gateway of Tally > Import Data > Voucher > Specify the complete XML file path here and hit enter to begin Commission & Settlement data import to Tally


Amazon Commission & Settlement to Tally Kit

This document contains complete details and procedure of how to import Amazon Settlement and Commission data in Tally, what are the masters required to be created before data import and what are the configurations need to be done to generate accurate GSTR1.

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