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Can’t Import Check Tally.IMP for details

Often you might have encountered this error message while importing data to Tally.ERP9. In this article I’ll try to explain you the possible reason of getting this error message, how to identify and it’s solution;

What are the Possible Reason for this error?

  • Following masters exists in your XML but missing in Tally data
    • Item Master
    • Ledger Master
    • Unit of Measurement
    • Godown
    • Voucher Type
    • Same Voucher number already exists (if prevent duplicate is set as Yes)
    • Currency

What is Tally.Imp file?

  • Tally.Imp file is a nothing but a complete log file of data import actions.
  • It contain detailed description with possible cause of each errors including data import summary

Where can i find Tally.Imp file?

  • You will find Tally.IMP file in your Tally folder
  • Right click on your Tally.ERP9 icon > Properties > Open File Location

Tally.imp file

How to resolve this error?

  • To resolve this error, simply create the masters in your Tally data which found missing in Tally.imp file and re-import the same xml

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